Ato Kidane Daniel Roberts refers to his style of art as "Vision Visuals" because he documents the history of  Africans both here in the west and those in the motherland. His collage style pieces leave almost no room for anything else on the paper. He started drawing at age 8 when he went to live with his father the legendary Rastafari portrait artist, Ras Daniel Heartman, in 7 miles Bull Bay on the Southeast coast of Jamaica. He loved copying cartoon characters  like "Andy Capp", “The Lockhorns" and "Hagar the Horrible" from the Jamaica Daily Gleaner middle pages. However, he didn't pursue a career in art like his father. He did pieces seldom, but  in 2016 while living in New York City in South Bronx, he walked into a Michael’s art store and bought an 18x24in drawing pad and pencils and sat down in a public library. He turned up the volume in his earphones and started creating. He has been working as a full time artist ever since. Music is a crucial part of his creation process, every single piece has a set playlist.

"I use my vision visuals to communicate. I don't just draw nice pictures, it has to be saying something meaningful, have a purpose, or else I wont do it.”

-Ato Kidane Daniel Roberts


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